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How to take care of the jewelry

Rakhi Me offers several collections and pop up annually, depending on the seasons, our travels, a color theme or an event that is dear to us .  Rakhi Me offers its links or rakhi, of different lengths and which become so – necklaces, malas, or multiline bracelets. What is your Rakhi Me today!
The descriptions and photographs of the products sold on the Site are the most accurate and true to reality. However, the screens or browser used to display them can change the colors, sizes, textures and other features of the products. All RAKHI ME products are handmade in our workshops with real stones. However, the colours, shapes and sizes of some stones can vary on the same model, giving each piece a unique character. Rakhi Me jewellery is made of fine stones and fine silk. Our soft silk threads are made in France. 925 silver and bronze jewelry beads can be used in our creations according to the pieces, they do not darken and do not shine more when worn.
Our pieces are unique, the stones can vary in size and color. They are not afraid of water or mild soap. They are non-allergenic.
Our creations, by the silks of colors do not like the enclosed water of the pools.