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New collection

Rakhi Me

The combination of colours, the choice of fine stones and their infinite combinations make
RAKHI ME creations a real colour prescription.

Inspired by a Hindu tradition, the Rakhi ceremony, our collections celebrate the beauty of
ancestral handicrafts with a collection of delicate and precious jewelry, joyful and colorful.
Simply feminine.

palika bazar

Celebrate Indian colours, fabrics and handicraft with a collection of cheerful and colorful
prêt à porter. All our designs are handmade, we collaborate and support local artisans.

Palika Bazar outfits are sewn like ideal travel companions. The materials are flowing and
natural, bold colors , elegant cuts.


We are commited eco-friendly, responsible ,sensitive to social upliftment of rural girls and
women in india . We are the little drop in the ocean,that matters
Our packaging are made from recycled materials, manufactured by our association

« I fell in love with India over time and this strong bond feeds the commitment I have had for
more than twenty years, with artisans but also with the women and girls of Rajasthan »
Marie, the designer.

sapna for all

« I have been visiting inida for more than 20 years, I have been nourished by this country
and this a small way of giving i back in return »

« By participating in the creation of SAPNA FOR ALL, I am committed to women and girls
in difficulty, accompanying them in their emancipation. Essentially sharing as a woman
with and for all women » Marie, the creator.