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Small Talisman RAW GREY

Composed of heishi labradorite, garnet and rhodochrosite mounted on carbon-colored wire.

The talisman is adorned with a cabochon of BRUTE LABRADORITE.

It is adjustable from 42 to 50 cm.

Our talismans are hand-assembled in our workshops in India.


stoneS :

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Labradorite is a true stone of protection, acting like a shield. It absorbs negative energies from others, while protecting its wearer.

5% is donated to our foundation SAPNA (dream in Hindi), which helps women and children in difficulty in Rajasthan, India. By purchasing this jewel, you are helping us to support them.

The initial price was €98.00.The current price is €49.00.

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Garnet corresponds to the Anahata heart chakra. This stone symbolizes courage, vitality and aids change. It promotes self-confidence, optimism and joie de vivre. It combats depression and enhances motivation. It helps to move forward and find solutions.

Rhodochrosite is a stone that represents rest, peace and serenity.





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