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Our line of jewelry is inspired by a Hindu tradition, the Rakhi ceremony that celebrates the connection between two beings, it is simply a question of wrapping a cotton thread around the wrist of the person cherished on this occasion. Our creations celebrate traditional handicraft and craftsmanship of Indian art, such as the art of knotting used for centuries in the making of some jewelry of Maharajas. Rakhi Me is the idea of sharing a beautiful story, beautiful things, beautiful souls, handicraft, art ; through a line of delicate

We choose each of the stones of our creations. These can thus vary in size and color. Some are chosen for their « defect » which is, in reality, their beauty and individuality. « I like
that the caracter that can be created by the stones that I choose, » explains Marie, the designer. Thus each piece is uniquely personnal and indivudual. We create and design our jewelry by hand, in our workshops in India, which allows us to have a fair production by supporting our craftsmen in their art and handicraft.

Each Rakhi Me creation can be adjusted and worn in a array of styles . The natural properties of the stones give a particular benefit to each of the jewels inspiring peace, love, friendship, joy …… Feminine and refined, Rakhi Me’s gemstones celebrate love, travel and sharing.


To support local artisans and their communities

My heart became indian over time. For several years now, I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel in this country of
colour and life at its fullest I have had the great privilege of meeting many outstanding artisans and the pleasure of learning from them, ancient  methods of their trades.

Since of them have nothing, but, a weaving loom in the middle of the only run that they call home, or a sheet on the floor to do their intricate embroidery work.

Hand made is the essence and guide to my creations and today through our work and collaboration, we are commited to. Protecte, preserve and promote, these wonderful arts made by hand, and the communities that create them.


We are eco-sensitive, responsible, committed. We make the pouches of our Rakhis as part of our Indian association, SAPNA FOR ALL (DREAM FOR ALL) in Hindi, which works for the emancipation of women through the training of using sewing machines,work from home and we help in the education of indian girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The pouches are sewn from recycled fabrics that we collect from textile factories in India. Our packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. Our silver jewelry is made, as far as possible, with recycled silver. We also like to combine
our designs with antique silver beads and amulets as lucky charms.


India, or mother India, as she is loving known, is a paradox of being sublime and cruel at the same time. During the time that I spend in india, I saw and experienced the utter misery and hopelessness that certain parts of its population face. Moved by this, with the support of my lover, anoop, a hotelier in rural Rajasthan, along with karriene from kirane collection, we set up an ngo, sapna for all (dream for all) our association whose objectives are to help young underprivileged girls get an education, teaching poor  women to do simple stitching from home to give them opportunity for a better life.


Sadly, all indian women do not have the chance to get a basic education and are generally married of very young through the archaic system of arranged marriage, leaving them with no freedom from an early age. We are trying to give them some financial and mental independence through working from home in a safe environment, by giving them free sewing machines and train them to stitch recycled reusable  material pouch bags for shops in France and abroad.


Children, specially young poor girls are always the ones who get the worst deal in these extreme circumstances and the girls are always the last to get any support, all the help is given to boys.

We at sapna for all are commited to helping these young lives have a better future, through our humble efforts and by supporting other worthwhile projects which are trying to do the same, the need of the poor are enormous, we area trying to help as much as we can by trying to help a few have a rainbow at the end of tunnel !

So, 5%of our turnover is dedicated to sapna for all to finance these projects. When you buy something on our site or in our store, you are directly responsible for helping us provide, a meal, clothes, fees for education and sewing machines.

Thank you for this !


Indianista forever, Marie de Marchéville, aka Marie Palika, has been traveling in India for more than twenty years. Yoga teacher, travel addict, creator of Palika Bazar prêt à porter as well as an association SAPNA FOR ALL, Dedicated to women in need and in difficulty,through the creation of rakhi me  Marie wants to celebrate her love for India by also giving back something positive.