Composed of sand moonstone, black obsidian, smoky quartz and carbon coloured thread

The talisman is adorned with a cabochon of morganite

Adjustable from 42 to 50 cm

Our talismans are handmade in our workshops in India

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5 % est reversé à notre fondation SAPNA (rêve en Hindi) qui agit en faveur des femmes et des enfants en difficulté au Rajasthan en Inde. En achetant ce bijou, vous nous aidez à les soutenir.


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Morganite, originally called “Pink Beryl” is a fine stone symbolising love and friendship. It strengthens the feelings of benevolence and their expression. It brings tolerance and calmness. 

The moonstone corresponds to the sacred chakra Svadhishthana, stone of femininity and pregnancy, of calm and balance. It protects the home as well as travellers.

The black obsidian corresponds to the root chakra MULADHARA, this stone brings wisdom and protection. It is a stone of anchorage favouring the introspection and the work on oneself but also the learning. It acts as a mirror of the soul.

Smoky quartz is considered as a stone of refocusing. It helps concentration, soothes strong emotions and emotional disorders. It improves self-confidence but also openness to others.


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