Composed of smoky quartz, apatite and amethyst mounted on tobacco thread

The talisman is adorned with an rubis zoisite cabochon

Adjustable from 42 to 50 cm

Our talismans are handmade in our workshop in India

5% of the sale of this item is donated to our foundation SAPNA (dream in Hindi) which helps women and children in need in Rajasthan, India.

By buying this jewel, you help us to support them

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5 % est reversé à notre fondation SAPNA (rêve en Hindi) qui agit en faveur des femmes et des enfants en difficulté au Rajasthan en Inde. En achetant ce bijou, vous nous aidez à les soutenir.


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The ruby zoisite is a remarkable stone of green colour with inclusions of ruby.this stone is symbol of balance, protection and success. This stone is a symbol of balance, protection and success. It mixes the virtues of the two stones, dynamism, authority and energy for the red of the ruby and soothing, sharing and positive energy for the green of the zoisite. It corresponds to the heart and root chakras.

It is one of the rare stones that is both soothing, bringing calm and encouraging creativity, and very energizing. It symbolises the balance between power and justice, power and humility.

It corresponds well to people in connection with law and justice, as well as positions of responsibility and human management.

Ametrine, a mixture of amethyst and citrine, helps to remain optimistic and clairvoyant. It is a stone of concentration and refocusing and is conducive to meditation, but also to creation.

Amethyst, stone of wisdom and humility, corresponds to the coronal chakra Sahasrara. It is a stone of purification and emotional cleansing and is also a stone of passage. It relieves hypersensitivity and grief, helps to increase the aura and self-esteem. Very beneficial to the development of spirituality

Smoky quartz is considered a stone of refocusing. It helps concentration, soothes strong emotions and emotional disorders. It improves self-confidence but also openness to others.

Apatite corresponds to the throat chakra Vishuddha, stone of creativity and imagination. It is beneficial for artists and creative people.

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