DROP Necklace Green Amethyst

Adjustable necklace adorned with a delicate faceted drop of green amethyst on putty-colored wires.

The small stones are chrysophrase and garnet.

It can be adjusted to a maximum length of 32 cm, from choker to sautoir, thanks to its sliding clasp.

The necklace is hand-assembled in our workshops in India.

Our pieces are unique, differences in size or color may sometimes appear.

Our creations do not like salty or chlorinated water

stoneS :

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It relieves hypersensitivity and grief, and helps enhance the aura of self-esteem. Highly beneficial to the development of spirituality, amethyst is a stone of wisdom and humility that corresponds to the Sahasrara coronal chakra. A stone of purification and emotional cleansing, it is also a stone of passage.


Red jade is a stone of stimulation and courage. Its vivid color brings stability and strength. It encourages openness to the world.


Pyrite calls forth all the chakras. It promotes memory and the thought process. Beneficial for the respiratory organs, it helps combat negativity.

5% is donated to our foundation SAPNA (dream in Hindi), which helps women and children in difficulty in Rajasthan, India. By purchasing this jewel, you are helping us to support them.


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