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Our line of jewelry is inspired by a Hindu tradition, the Rakhi ceremony, which celebrates the bond between 2 beings, by wrapping a cotton thread around the wrist of the beloved on this occasion. Our creations celebrate traditional Indian skills and craftsmanship, such as the art of ligature-making, used for centuries in the creation of certain Maharaja jewels. Rakhi Me is all about sharing a beautiful story, beautiful things, beautiful souls and know-how, through a line of refined jewelry.

We choose each stone for our creations. They can vary in size and color. Some are chosen for their "flaw", which is, in fact, their beauty and uniqueness. "I like to see something happening in the stones I choose", explains Marie, the designer. So each piece is unique and singular.
We create and manufacture our jewelry by hand, in our workshops in India, which enables us to have a fair production by supporting our craftsmen in their art and know-how.

Each Rakhi Me creation can be adjusted and worn in a thousand ways. The natural properties of the stones confer a special benefit to each piece of jewelry, inspiring peace, love, friendship and joy...... Feminine and refined, Rakhi Me's fine stones celebrate love, travel and sharing.



My heart has become Indian over the years. For several years I've been lucky enough to travel through this fascinating country of colors and life. I've had the extreme privilege of meeting many craftsmen who have taught me a great deal about their skills and trades. Some of them have only one production unit, a loom in the middle of the family home, or a sheet on the floor for certain embroidery work.

The handmade has always been the common thread running through all my creations and today, through our work and our collaborations, we are committed to protecting their crafts
and their communities.


We are eco-sensitive, responsible and committed, and we make our Rakhis pouches as part of our Indian association, SAPNA FOR ALL (Dream for All) in Hindi, which works for the emancipation of women by teaching them to sew, and helps little Indian girls from underprivileged backgrounds to go to school. The pouches are sewn from fabric scraps that we recover from textile factories in India. Finally, our packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard.

Wherever possible, our jewelry is made from recycled silver. We also like to use old medals, pearls and amulets in our jewelry. These are all improvised gri-gri and good-luck charms.


India, nicknamed Mother India, is as sublime as it is cruel. In the course of my years in India, I've come face to face with the misery and destitution of certain populations. With the help of my boyfriend Anoop, a hotelier in Rajsthan, and my friend Karine from KIRANE COLLECTION, we set up SAPNA FOR ALL, our association whose aim is to help women learn to sew and to finance schooling for girls and children in difficulty.


Unfortunately, Indian women do not always have access to education. Sometimes married off at a very young age, or in arranged marriages, they are a fragile population because they lack freedom. Some of them are not allowed to leave their homes unaccompanied. The idea was to provide them with a sewing machine, install it in their homes and train them to sew pouches and tote bags for boutiques in France and abroad.


Children are always the victims of these extreme situations, especially little girls, as the poorest families give priority to educating boys. That's why, thanks to SAPNA FOR ALL , we are committed to helping these children, humbly supporting local associations that provide schooling for little girls as well as disabled children from underprivileged backgrounds. The needs are necessarily enormous, but it was important to make a small contribution to the dizzying edifice of access to education in India. 

5% of our sales are donated to SAPNA FOR ALL to fund these projects. When you buy an item on our website or in our store, you're helping to fund a meal, a uniform, a sewing machine "part" or a winter blanket. 

Thank you very much.

the creator

Indianista forever, Marie de Marchéville, aka Marie Palika, has been traveling in India for over twenty years. Yoga teacher yoga teacher, traveler and discoverer, creator of the Palika Bazar ready-to-wear line and of the SAPNA FOR ALL association FOR ALL, dedicated to Indian women in difficulty, she wanted, through the creation of Rakhi Me, to celebrate the link to this land of color and light. Inspired by the beautiful Hindu ceremony of Rakhi and the Indian arts and crafts, she now offers a line of jewelry and ready-to-wear that is delicate and precious, colorful and joyful and joyful, simply feminine.